Whale spotted in shallow waters off Norfolk coast

A whale has been spotted in shallow water off off the Norfolk coast, less than a week after the death of another whale nearby.

The alert sparked off National media to gather at Mundesley Including local reporters from the BBC and Anglia Television.

It was reported that the whale was thrashing about 50 miles away from Hunstanton, where another whale died recently.

The coastguard eventually ended its search after there were no further sightings after the initial alarm.
A sperm whale that died last week was the sixth one to die off the British coast this year.

A possible reason why this is happening, adopted by some marine biologists and scientists is that man-made sonar may be interfering with a whales echolocation causing whales to become disoriented forcing them to flee towards shallow waters where they end up beaching themselves.

No definite answer can be given as to why this occurs some of these concepts and ideas may be contributing to the cause of whale beaching’s.