Soul Church Christmas Wonder Attracts Thousands

Something extraordinary happened in Norwich last weekend, when Soul Church staged a spectacular Christmas show that was of a very high standard.

The Church on Mason Road performed a Disney oriented production ‘The Wonder’ Described by Canon Jon Norman, as “our gift to Norwich”.

It may have been a free show but it was one worthy of a professional stage. More than 200 performers delivered a well choreographed production, with a live band and featured musicians.

The powerful vocals echoed around the church in perfect harmony with some outstanding individual performances.

The dazzling costumes sparkled under a complex lighting display and were synced to a video backdrop. It was evident that weeks of hard work, both on stage and behind the scenes, had proved successful.

It was absolutely amazing that eight shows were crammed into one weekend, four, one after the other on each day. I stayed for three performances and the production was raised up a notch every time.

An estimated 5,000 people saw the the show, on Saturday December 9 and Sunday, December 10, an incredible achievement in just one weekend.

The enthusiasm overflowed onto rain drenched car parks, where volunteers waited with umbrellas to greet hundreds of arrivals. It was a real team effort and it had to be.

The true meaning of Christmas can easily get forgotten nowadays, amongst a barrage of commercialism but Canon Jon Norman talked about how ‘The Wonder’ was a show for children and parents to enjoy highlighting what yuletide is really all about – while giving families a free show they may not otherwise be able to see.

He added: “We don’t charge for tickets but we put on what we believe is a really high standard performance. It’s a way the whole family come together and enjoy a community event.”

He went on to explain, that while some commercialisation of Christmas is understandable, he felt it has gone too far the other way.

For more information about the Church please visit Soul Church website