Scira Viking Festival in Sheringham set beach ablaze

The second Scira Viking Festival in Sheringham proved to be a great success with added events this year. The many attractions included a village showing what life was like in 900 AD when Vikings roamed the Norfolk countryside.

Organiser and artist Colin Seal, 71, from Sheringham High Street, said: “The Vikings were prominent throughout Europe and they had a substantial influence. The Viking heritage formed part of our language and many other things”

In Sheringham the Viking way of building boats – the clinker method – was carried on until the 1960s for crab and lobster fishing boats.

The spectacular event featured Slaves, shield-making, battles and boat-burning finale on the beach that attracted thousands of history enthusiasts.

Vibrant town mayor, Tricia Brooks, joined in the slave market and was sold off for a nominal fee.
The Lobster pub garden hosted a Viking village that was put on by Norwich-based re-enactment group Ordgar and included crafts, food and life as it was from a bygone era.

Re-enactment group Wuffa staged street battles and Sheringham Little Theatre offered storytelling.

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