Cromer Alternative Christmas Trees over the years

Looking back at Cromer’s fascinating alternative Christmas trees over the years. Jaw dropping creations that often go global across today’s social media platforms.

It’s important to understand that these festive constructions are merely an addition to the traditional tree, and nowadays stands just beyond the Cromer church yard, on the museum forecourt.

In general, public reaction is welcoming, however, variable as are the trees themselves.

The outstanding aspect is the enormous publicity they’ve generated, love them or not, the underlining synopsis is they’ve been a talking point.

Last year’s tree was a large mistletoe like attraction, made of branches and decorated with silver baubles. After speaking with numerous passers by, it was evident they loved it.

I wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea though, so I diverted them to the traditional one a few yards away.

The alternative tree made it’s first debut back in 2012 when, Festival members combined forces with Christmas lights volunteers and fishermen to create the tree, using 150 crab and lobster pots.

It was a brave effort by dedicated local enthusiasts, as they worked throughout the day, despite gale-force winds and freezing conditions.

The following year the tree was made of fishing nets, but had to be reconstructed various times because of weather conditions. The world wide response continued and encouraged design.

In 2014 the bar was raised even higher when organisers erect a seven-metre-tall green pyramid, decorated with lights and 25 numbered wooden boxes, each on a festive theme.

Number one opened on December 1 to reveale a Christmas related theme. This continued on each of the following 24 days. The back-lit boxes were placed at eye level around the tree.

In 2015 after inviting ideas from members of the public, the alternative tree was a collection of giant advert candles, each sponsored by a different organisation.

Last year an enormous Gold star proved to be even more popular and achieved a big following across the water.

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