Community Café Opens in Cromer

The Minister for Care and Support, Norman Lamb MP, a big supporter of About With Friends, opened a new Community Café in Tucker Street, Cromer today.

About With Friends is a fun, active and energetic charity – based in Cromer, Norfolk, England

The charity offers children, young people and adults with learning disabilities the chance to lead the lives they choose.

When they become part the ‘family’ they have opportunities to develop lasting friendships; engage in fun and active social activities; get involved in the community; have the chance to try new experiences; learn new skills both for life and work; but above all feel a valued part of society while enjoying life to the full.

The café is the latest outlet for adults with learning difficulties to gain valuable work skills in a supporting environment. However, the café will benefit more people than just members.

The ‘Community Café’ is a place for older people to come and enjoy a hot meal or a drink whilst members run off and do their shopping. They might be able to enjoy a game of bingo with their coffee and cake or just have a natter with their friends – old and new. There really is no need to be lonely now that About With Friends café is open.

More information can be found here

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